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The parent cooperative model is a central element of our philosophy and operation. Gentle Dragon Preschool offers an opportunity for families to be actively involved in all aspects of the school. Most importantly, the model fosters integration between the spheres of home, school and community in ways that directly benefit your child — and your family. Indeed, many parents quickly discover that the preschool they chose for their child becomes an important support structure for the whole family.

Family involvement is essential at Gentle Dragon. We all work together with the teacher to set policies and make decisions about the school — from major purchases to field trips to student issues — while making sure each child follows his or her own path to discovery.

Parent helping

Gentle Dragon is truly one large family. By working together inside (and outside) the classroom, we not only help each child grow and learn but we inherently grow and learn as parents. The biggest role you will play at Gentle Dragon is parent helper.

Parent helping provides a rare opportunity to interact with your daughter or son within the school environment — while also offering the gratification of caring for an eager group of young students. You'll read stories, build blocks and play dress-up. You'll start conversations, nurture relationships and make connections. You'll encourage exploration, celebrate successes and be a shoulder to lean on when needed.

You'll also assist the teacher by helping students engage in play and work through conflicts that may arise. Behavioral issues affect both the children involved and those nearby, so when an incident occurs it is the parent helper's responsibility to help identify the conflict and restore calm in the classroom.

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